Wednesday, July 6, 2011

imagine peace imagine snow
A Royal Canadian Snowball,  a solid piece of lead crystal carved by my hand using diamonds and water. A testament to the order that may be found in chaos, a space to hold another snowflake in perpetuity or until ones pencil grows too fat.

This solid sterling pillbox was chased with snowflake motif by my hand using diamonds and water. It is simultaneously an objet ’art and useful all purpose container, fits neatly in that little pocket in the front of your blue jeans. Good for carrying pills of all sorts medicinal, recreational, and vitaminical.

Spring is quickly approaching and with it, the return of the snowbirds. You may be one, you may know some. Canadians with means sensible enough to spend their time in warmer climes, come fall and winter they migrate to Arizona, Texas, Mexico, and Thailand, anywhere equatorial, somewhere warm and dry. But as springtime approaches the lure of friends, summer drinks and rustic weekends, call the snowbirds home. To celebrate we at the Royal Canadian Snowflake Factory have produced the snowbird patch; embroidered and made to iron on to your favorite camping clothes, glad rags, and ceremonial vestments. The snowbird patch lets everyone know that you may exercise the option to enjoy the sun, and have fun. Snowbird Patches are included free with sponsorship in the Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection.
12 noon ’till 5 pm
every wednesday

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The Royal Canadian Snowflake Factory,
now an official Heritage site !

This image of the Royal Canadian Snowflake Factory is a digital photograph. It was taken by Pamela De Mark with a cellular telephone camera in 2011 ad. The original location of the Royal Canadian Snowflake Factory, at Parkingspot # 6 east Cordova, Vancouver, BC. has been designated an official heritage site

The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection is created by Robert Chaplin and produced exclusively through sponsorship. Like discovering a new star, sponsors get to name their snowflake. Sponsors receive the first snowflake cast in sterling silver, to keep or give to a friend. This first snowflake is a unique piece of sterling silver jewelry, an original work of art. Signed and delivered as a pendant or lapel pin, it’s name is engraved on the back — a snowflake everlasting.

Sponsors receive the first snowflake cast, to keep or give to a friend. The pictorial collection is updated periodically and each snowflake pictured includes the name of the sponsor and the name of their snowflake. We are all Royal Canadians and sponsoring a snowflake is easy, Simply click add to cart, and send an email stating your name and the name of your snowflake. Your sterling silver snowflake will be delivered in time for Christmas.

The Cost of Sponsorship is $400.00

The Jewelry of the Royal Canadian Snowflake collection celebrates diversity in sterling silver. By applying snowflake designs in combination, we create jewelry of distinctive beauty. As elegant as falling snow, each ensemble is unique. Check this site periodically to witness the miracle of creation and see jewelry made from the Royal Canadian Snowflakes. Everyone is different.

Send word if this piece would please you... Each snowflake upon this chain is distinct. A choir of Royal Canadian Snowflakes, 22 voices singing in harmony. This unique creation in sterling silver is 18 inches long
To order, please contact

robertchaplin (at) lightspeed (dot) ca

little flurry on your wrist, 8 different snowflakes form this chain. A
distinctive beauty, handmade in sterling silver
To order, please contactrobertchaplin (at) lightspeed (dot) ca

The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection

is proud to announce the establishment of it’s retail factory,
Located at Parking Spot #6 East Corova St. for one whole year.

open wednesdays 12 noon till five pm

These Digital Photographs represent the
Royal Canadian Snowflake Factory
and were taken by Jason Vanderhill
to document the inaugural celebration of
The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection
at Parking spot.
The evening was
was a total success.
Thanks to all who came
and participated !
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about our scheduled events

#6 East Cordova
at Carrall and Cordova.

Open Wednesdays
12 Noon till 5 pm